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Debt Management

As mentioned in the World Bank’s flagship report, Financing for Development Post-2015, external debt relief (mostly under the HIPC Initiative and MDRI) has been an important instrument in aiding MDG implementation but this instrument is unlikely to contribute to post-2015 financing to the same extent. With external debt burdens greatly reduced in most developing countries (some exceptions notwithstanding), safeguarding this debt sustainability, designing a more effective framework for future sovereign debt reorganization, and further building public debt management capacity have now become key concerns.

The Work Package is subdivided in two sub-packages: 

  • DM1 addresses three issues on debt management. First, we will provide an overview and end balance of external debt relief under HIPC/MDRI. Second, we will cover the various mechanisms (proposed or existing) at the international level to monitor debt sustainability (DSA/DSF) and make future debt workouts possible. Third, we will discuss broader public debt management issues. 
  • DM2 will study some of the issues listed under WP-DM1 in the particular context of regional integration in Sub-Saharan Africa.